Friday, June 29, 2012

Embracing Our New Life

As many of you know (or maybe don't know, but hey, go with it for a minute okay?) I dreamt (and fantasized) of moving closer to my work and the kids' school for a long time.  The Mr. and I talked about it many many times (this was pretty much our only date night/ alone time conversation for over six months).  We talked to friends, we talked to family, AND we talked to realtors (well, just one realtor, one amazing realtor, many many times).  In the end we decided...  despite the fact that it didn't make much financial sense, despite the fact that it was actually just a little bit nuts.... that we were going to GO FOR IT.  And we did.   And we waited and waited and waited and waited and changed our minds for a bit and then changed them back and then waited and waited and waited some more.  And then it happened.  It all happened.  FAST.  And then we were in the new house and it smelled (BAD) and the carpet was filthy and we couldn't unpack all of the boxes and there wasn't enough time in any day to do all the things we needed to do and it was the last few weeks of school and YEAH, did I mention that I decided to change jobs in the middle of it all??

And so, truthfully, I didn't REALLY get a chance to appreciate the change until the last few weeks.  I mean, of course I appreciated the change every time I needed to drive to work, or the kids had a school event, but it was all still caught up in the chaos of life.   Until, that is, this week.

This week has been amazing.  I am close enough to a friend from work to have company on my walks.  The kids are close to friends, which has translated to several playdates at our house, playdates at friends' houses, dinner out with friends and their parents, and this weekend, a sleepover at our house.  This is what I dreamt of... that idea of being PART of a community- connecting more with the kids' friends, their families, their lives.  In addition, I have had to work a few hours here and there this week and (although that was a bummer) it didn't totally disrupt our lives.  I didn't have to drive all the way across town for a one hour meeting, I just bopped up the street and then came home.  I love running into our kids' friends in restaurants, in movie theaters, pretty much everywhere we go.

So yeah, in the theme of this here little blog, I am EMBRACING our new life and our new home.  We may have a little less expendible cash these days, but it is totally worth it.  Wouldn't you agree??

:)  C