Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 4

I just cheated on the food plan.  Did I have a cookie?  Nope.  Cupcake?  Nope.  Angel food cake?  Nope.  Hamburger?  Nope.  French fries?  Nope.  I licked the spoon from the hummus and ate an almond as I packed my food for tomorrow.  What does this mean?  Phase 2, which will happen every Wednesday and Thursday during this 4 week challenge are HARD.  Protein and veggies.  I ate amazing meals like turkey bacon wrapped in lettuce, or grilled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce, or hard boiled egg whites (no yolk!) plain with cucumbers.  I ate turkey jerky and deli meat with no nitrates.  I did it, and I am proud of myself, but I can't WAIT for tomorrow.  The next phase is probably going to be my favorite each week.  Phase 3 includes FAT.  Glorious fat.  Which neither Phase 1 or 2 allow.  I get to eat things like nuts and hummus and avocados..... mmmmmm.

I can't wait to get up tomorrow and eat.  :)

For now, a quick update and bed.

Phase 2, Day 2, Week 1
Food- Awesome, until I broke down and licked the hummus spoon and ate an almond (and seriously, I am trying not to cheat, but if that is my cheat... I think I'm doing okay).  I do want to record that in the last two days, I have received two gifts at work- designer mini-cupcakes (you know, the ones that are like $6 for 4 little cupcakes and each one has an inch of frosting?) and a box of cookies from my favorite bakery.  I ate NONE, note NONE of these treats.  (I did feed them to my kids.  I wonder if that's bad?  I mean... will I create bad habits in my kids by bringing home all the stuff I can't/ won't eat??) I also didn't participate in the 'birthday lunch' in the office because they were getting Pei Wei and there was nothing that fit within the food plan. (this was really hard, because I am the 'boss' and I know it didn't go over well with a few people.)  Were these things hard?  Yes, but they make me super proud of myself about sticking with it this week!!
Water- yep, yeah, no.
Exercise- I worked 15 hours today.  That's enough.

Weight- total loss is still 2 lbs.  Curious to see what the scale says tomorrow.

Looking foward to Phase 3!!

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