Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 4

I just cheated on the food plan.  Did I have a cookie?  Nope.  Cupcake?  Nope.  Angel food cake?  Nope.  Hamburger?  Nope.  French fries?  Nope.  I licked the spoon from the hummus and ate an almond as I packed my food for tomorrow.  What does this mean?  Phase 2, which will happen every Wednesday and Thursday during this 4 week challenge are HARD.  Protein and veggies.  I ate amazing meals like turkey bacon wrapped in lettuce, or grilled chicken breast wrapped in lettuce, or hard boiled egg whites (no yolk!) plain with cucumbers.  I ate turkey jerky and deli meat with no nitrates.  I did it, and I am proud of myself, but I can't WAIT for tomorrow.  The next phase is probably going to be my favorite each week.  Phase 3 includes FAT.  Glorious fat.  Which neither Phase 1 or 2 allow.  I get to eat things like nuts and hummus and avocados..... mmmmmm.

I can't wait to get up tomorrow and eat.  :)

For now, a quick update and bed.

Phase 2, Day 2, Week 1
Food- Awesome, until I broke down and licked the hummus spoon and ate an almond (and seriously, I am trying not to cheat, but if that is my cheat... I think I'm doing okay).  I do want to record that in the last two days, I have received two gifts at work- designer mini-cupcakes (you know, the ones that are like $6 for 4 little cupcakes and each one has an inch of frosting?) and a box of cookies from my favorite bakery.  I ate NONE, note NONE of these treats.  (I did feed them to my kids.  I wonder if that's bad?  I mean... will I create bad habits in my kids by bringing home all the stuff I can't/ won't eat??) I also didn't participate in the 'birthday lunch' in the office because they were getting Pei Wei and there was nothing that fit within the food plan. (this was really hard, because I am the 'boss' and I know it didn't go over well with a few people.)  Were these things hard?  Yes, but they make me super proud of myself about sticking with it this week!!
Water- yep, yeah, no.
Exercise- I worked 15 hours today.  That's enough.

Weight- total loss is still 2 lbs.  Curious to see what the scale says tomorrow.

Looking foward to Phase 3!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 3- Evening

Wow.  Today was a killer day emotionally.  And I'm not sure if that was the change in food I'm experiencing, if it really was that BAD of a day, or a combination of both.  But, let's just say I cried in front of people today (more than once).  Haven't done that in a LONG time....

So, here I sit, about ready for bed.  How did I do today?

Phase 2- Day 1
Food- Okay.  I missed a snack, which is a big no-no on this diet.  But with all the emotions running around, food just didn't sound good.
Water- TOTAL fail.  I mean big time.  But tomorrow I have plan.  It involves lemons and limes (which I am allowed duirng this phase) and LOTS of ice.  Cross your fingers for me.
Exercise- Still no.  Next week is sounding like a good week to add that challenge.

Happy that Day 3 is over.  Not dreading Day 4 quite as much as I dreaded today... now that I have at least one day like this under my belt.

Really looking forward to the foods that I will get to eat on Friday, Saturday and Sunday... hummus, raw nuts, avacado.... mmmmm....

Good night all.

Day 3

Okay, just a little update on the morning of day 3.

Day 2 went well.  Again, the water.  I need some tricks because I just struggle getting it in... I have NEVER been a fan of plain water, ever.  I have consumed hundreds of thousands of gallons of iced tea and DIET COKE in my lifetime, but water?  I only drink it when I have to, or on a really hot summer day with lots and lots of ice.  Anyway, I need to find a way to get over this hurdle, because I think my body really needs the water included in this plan (and I'm hoping this is one of the habits that I will walk away from this food plan with...)

Food went well yesterday- and yesterday was one of those days in the past that I would have just thrown up my hands over and said- "I can't be good with food today."  I was at work by about 6:30 a.m.  It was a FULL day- multiple meetings, upset parents, upset staff members, discipline- you name it, it happened yesterday.  Followed by a PTO board election, the first grade musical (those kids were so cute!) and a late night trip to Target for a few odds and ends needed for work.  I didn't get home to eat dinner until almost 8:30.  However, yesterday, I did it.  I spread my food out in 4 hour intervals, I didn't eat anything that wasn't 'on plan', and let me tell you how good that chicken breast and broccoli tasted by the time I actually got to eat it!  The Mr. was wonderful, as he cooked dinner last night for the kids, and then made more dinner for me when I finally got home.  I think I'll keep him around.

So... just to recap...
Day 2
Food- excellent
Water- yeah, um, really not so good
Exercise- none (does working a 14 hour day count?!?)

Weight loss, as of this morning- 2 pounds

Day 3, here I come.  Very nervous about the next two days.  High protein (not my fave), low fat, high veggies, and NO carbs.  Just gotta power through it.  I CAN do this.

Have a good day....

Monday, April 29, 2013

28 Days...

Yep, it's been like, well, forever since I've been here, but I've decided that I'd like a little journal of my progress with my current undertaking, and I am just TOO LAZY to create a new blog, so I decided that this here little 'ol blog will serve the purpose for the next 28 days.  And.... then... just maybe.... since school will be out... I just might want to find my way back here and start posting again.

I've posted before about my weight loss journey... the ups and the downs.   I am definately at a 'down' right now- or would that be an 'up'?  I guess it is all in how you look at it....

Anyway, I have been reading a lot about weight loss ('cause that is what you do if you aren't actually doing something, right, you just read about it).  I got very interested in the idea that part of my issue has to do with my hormones and my metabolism.  I mean, who wouldn't come to the conclusion that metabolism was part of the issue when you live with a man like the Mr.  He is just about 6 feet tall and weighs about 140 pounds.  And he eats.  A LOT.  (I am serious, like 4 square meals a day if he hasn't been exercise and more like 5 if he has been really active.)  He eats crap.  He eats fast food.  He eats whatever he wants at restaurants.  And still... he's skinny as a rail.  So- something MUST be different in his body than mine because all I have to do is look at a french fry and I gain weight (and of course, my children seem to be taking after him, which is awesome for them, but can make this momma a little crazy).

After doing my reading online, I finally broke down and about a book, The Fast Metabolism Diet.  I read said book, and thought, and thought, and decided to dive in.  Now... note this might not be the best time in the world for me to undertake such a project--- I am an elementary school principal, a mom, and we are entering the last three crazy weeks of school.  There will be lots of stress, lots of late nights, and lots to distract me, but I just can't wait anymore.  The time has come.  I will use this here little blog to keep to keep to update how it is going- because I think if I post it all on Facebook I might just drive everyone crazy.

Day 1- Phase 1- Week 1
Today was okay.  I ate the food I was supposed to eat, close to the time that I was supposed to eat it.  I didn't drink as much water as I should have, but I drank way more water than I usually do during the day, so I am going to view that as progress.  :)   I prepped a lot of the food over the weekend, which was good.  I am going to have to do that through this entire challenge or there is NO WAY I am going to make it.  This food plan is detailed and takes some planning ahead- and I don't think it will be easy to get what I need just anywhere (there is no fast food in this diet for sure... I even think eating in a restaurant will be hard!).  I have my food planned for days 1-4.  I think I will sit down toomorrow night and plan days 5-7.

Truthfully... the hardest part about today... and I am sure for me the hardest part about every day for awhile will be not just sticking food in my mouth.  I cannot tell you how many times I walked by food today, or just thought about having a 'bite' of something.  Seems like a bad habit I have- just a bite of this or a bite of that- especially while cooking the kids dinner.  I am going to have to fight that urge... daily.

Okay, that's all for day 1.   I survived.  Food is packed for tomorrow.  Bring it on Day 2!