Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have read a lot of blogs recently (seemed like my cure for not blogging was to read other folks blogs... which just made me miss blogging even more... kinda defeated the purpose I think...) Anyway, I have read a lot of New Year's Resolutions, a lot of posts about 'I am going to have a better body, a better mind, a better life'. And yes, I think that I'd love to have a better body (more posts about this to come, I promise) and I am always trying to improve my mind (I might have to stop watching the Real Housewives shows-yes, I watch ALL of them- if I actually want that to happen), and I think we all desire a better life- one that is more than what we have... isn't that the human condition?

However, I think that I am going to opt out of the specific resolution making this year. I have made New Year's Resolutions in the past- it isn't that I'm anti-resolution, it's just that I do have short attention span (note the need to improve my mind) and I tend to not hold onto those resolutions for very long (either it's the mind thing or I am incredibly weak willed... you be the judge )

I am, however, going to follow the 'Word of the Year' trend and select a word that I am going to try to live and follow in the year 2012. See to me, this isn't about CHANGING necessarily or STOPPING of doing something (which most NY resolutions actually boil down to... the stopping of a negative habit) but rather the openness to trying to live life in a new way, a new way of seeing things, a new way to...


That's my word. To EMBRACE- life, love, friendship, work, whatever comes my way during the next 366 days (yes, it IS leap year my friends...).

To EMBRACE me- the true me, the person who I am deep down inside that I don't always let out for fear of judgement or ridicule or even for fear of rocking the boat with my family or friends. Thus, my return to blogging even though I told my former readers that I was stopping (I am still not sure if this is wise or TOTALLY stupid and only time will tell. I showed my dear husband, we will refer to him as Mr. from here on out on this little blog... and he just shook his head. I don't think he thinks this is a good idea, but I don't think he has the heart to tell me not to do it, because he knows it means a lot to me).

I started 2012 by embracing me... in Target (because if you knew me, you would know that I have experienced most of life's epiphanies in an aisle in Target, like the day I told my mom that the Mr. and I had stopped using birth control prior to the birth of Little Dude- child #2. But I digress....). I embraced me... wait for it... in the contact paper aisle. Because you see, there are still rather odd folks like myself that line the shelves in their pantry with contact paper (we are a RARE breed). My pantry has needed new contact paper for like a year now, and I decided that the time had come to actually undertake this task (and clean out my pantry goods... I actually found something that expired in 2008!). As I stood in Target I examined the 4 choices of contact paper. Plain white. Tan with speckles. Plaid tan. And black and white bold patterned craziness. In the past, I would have chose the tan with speckles. It's a neutral. No one would notice it when they were in my pantry (cause there are normally SO MANY folks in my pantry). It would just blend in and be 'appropriate'. So, because it is 2012. Because I am EMBRACING. Because I am being me... I now have AWESOME black and white patterned contact paper for my pantry shelves. Because, you see, 2012 is about EMBRACING... me. :)

I now have the entire contents of my pantry strewn about my kitchen as I wait for the Mr. to help me with said contact paper (I may be the person who thinks that we NEED contact paper in the pantry, I may be the person who picked out the crazy black and white contact paper, but I am NOT the person to measure and install said contact paper because I'm embracing fun, not totally crazy with all the seams crooked and contact paper running up the wall) so I should close up and actually be productive.

Hope your first day of 2012 is going well and that you are EMBRACING you!

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  1. Oh I do exactly the same thing! I read a lot of blogs and then I'm too wore out to write my own. By the way, everything is better with contact paper.