Friday, January 6, 2012

Off Kilter

Feeling a little off kilter today... And this would be a day when I normally would skip posting, but I have committed to the NabloPoMo challenge of writing a post every day in January(and I am super stubborn and unwilling to give up on only the 5th day of the month!).

Not sure exactly what brought on the mood that I'm in...

Maybe it's the fact that I'm rocking a massive sinus headache right now (I just took some Nyquil so I'm hoping that will quickly and effortlessly knock out whatever is brewing and I will feel all better tomorrow).

Maybe it's the fact that I have worked all week, but have accomplished very little (and thus know that I am staring down the barrel of a long weekend filled with the work that I didn't get done).

Maybe it's the fact that I am struggling with friendships right now. I seem to always be on the giving end of friendships. Always the one to do the inviting, always the one to initiate the 'how are you doing phone call or email'. Just always the one. And I kinda hate myself for being upset about that. I know I am a good friend, and it doesn't really matter who initiates things, but today I just wanted to feel a little sorry for myself about the current state of my friendships (or lack there of....).

Maybe it's the fact that although I am posting here regularly and have even gotten some nice comments that it doesn't yet feel like 'home' here (I miss my other blog, my other readers, and my higher level of traffic and hits each day. I mean I don't even post ther anymore and it still gets more hits per day than this new baby).

And maybe, just maybe it's the end of a long week post-vacation case of the January blues. I am sure I will get over it, but for now.... I'm gonna take my Nyquil high and head off to bed to get some sleep (and maybe, just maybe things will all look better in the morning).

Night all.

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