Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So, between not sleeping well last night because Little Man and the Mr. were not at home (and I never sleep well when one of my chicks is not in the nest, let alone two of my chicks AND one of them was having a medical test on top of that), AND because we all went back to work and school today after having more than two weeks off (two glorious weeks of spending time as a family and not thinking one iota about work- kinda regretted that today as I looked at my schedule for the next few weeks and realized just how much work I have to do... Sigh...). Needless to say I am totally exhausted tonight. Too tired to embrace anything other than my pillow. (much to the disappointment of the Mr.)

Night all. See you tomorrow (when I am hoping that my brain will be significantly less fuzzy than it has been all day today- I actually caught myself just staring blankly at my computer today-like I had forgotten how to use it!)

Have a great one...

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