Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Returning to the Real World... One Toe at a Time

Our family returned to work and school yesterday. This was quite a rude awakening (A seriously rude awakening that was pretty much the equivalent of torture for this Momma.....)

First of all, we have all been off and home together since December 16th. And when I say all, I mean ALL, even the Mr. I don't think we have all been home and together that long since Little Man was born, Girlie Girl was a toddler, I was on maternity leave and the Mr. stayed home for a few weeks to ensure that I didn't lose my (freaking) mind. Since then I am pretty sure that the longest that the four of us have been home and together is four or five days. This led to me seeing our family unit as a whole... and I REALLY liked what I saw. We had fun together (well, except for those couple of times I almost strangled the children because they kept touching each other). Returning to work put an end to our togetherness time and I am not sure when we'll have that much time together again (plus I am afraid with Girlie Girl entering the tween years that when we do have the opportunity again, that she'll just hide in her room and avoid the stupidity of her parents).

Returning to work and school also means that we have to return to our 'normal' routines... things like figuring out who is driving the kids to school, who is picking the kids up, who is responsible for getting Girly Girl to choir and Little Man to swim. It means I am back to packing lunches and filling out field trip forms and and checking homework and helping Little Man study for his spelling tests. And although these things are lots of fun (um, yeah, whatever) they tend to eat into my 'lay on the coach and read my book' time, and my 'lay on the bed and watch Real Housewives' time. Quite unfortunate. This week has actually been kinda a nice transition back to these routines because the kids have had limited homework and I have had no night events or meetings (I work for a school district as a middle level administrator at the district office- this translates to lots of meetings after school hours when teachers are available). So, this week is pretty much like being on the on-ramp to the freeway and slowly gaining speed... We'll be hurling down the freeway at 85 miles an hour by the start of next week.

And finally, now that I'm at work, I feel like I should also return to eating right, working out and generally getting back on track on trying to be healthy. This is good since my pants are a bit tight, my face is broken out like I'm a teenager again, my elliptical has dust on it AND I think my trainer has forgotten my name. But (insert whine here) eating fried foods, chocolate, and practically everything that isn't tied down is really fun...

Combine all of these things together and it makes returning to the real world kinda like climbing into a pool of ice cold water. One toe at a time...

Night all.

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  1. Glad to see you are blogging again! (Found you through a referral link on my blog stats.) Looking forward to reading what you write from here on out.